Finding Your Niche Market Lodestone of Your Business Internet Money Online Opportunity

A lodestone or loadstone is something that attracts strongly. For you to make your business internet money online opportunity successful you need to find a lodestone niche market. That is a great niche market or something that everyone wants but few have targeted to sell,Guest Posting i.e. a huge need pulling in customers. This article will help you in finding your lodestone niche market!To find a lodestone niche market to begin your Affiliate Marketing campaign do these steps: (1) “Find and Select an Industry to Market” – There are a lot of Industries out there so you need to identify one you want to drill down to find your niche, e.g. Music Industry; Golf Industry, Entertainment Industry, Relationship Industry.(2) “Determine what are the Submarkets

in the Industry” – If you selected the “Music” Industry submarkets would include; (a) musical instrument; (b) record download sites; (c) CD & DVD sales, etc .(3) “Drill Further Down into the Sub Submarket” – If you selected “musical instruments” more specific markets would be; (a) playing the trombone; (b) teaching to play a piano; (c) learn how to play a guitar, etc. (4) “Were Getting Closer But…” – we have a lot more work to find that unique niche market lodestone. Ask yourself, people wanting to learn how to play a guitar would need to know what? (5) “Keywords” – now you’ve got to do some major searching to find the unique keywords that make your niche market a lodestone. For instance, do a google search for “learn how to play a guitar” and see what you get? You will find only a few websites that use the unique words “learn how to play a guitar” so you are on the right track.(6) “Seal the Deal by Searching Google Adwords” – You will find “learn how to play an acoustic guitar”, “learn how to play a guitar”, “learning how to play a guitar”, “learn how to play an electric guitar”, etc. So do some data manipulation and you will see that the most lucrative niche market is “learn how to play an acoustic guitar”. This is your niche market but next you need to…(7) “Find the Lodestone” – That is where you will have to be creative and find what are the elements, keywords, needs of people who want to “learn how to play an acoustic guitar”. This will require your sales and marketing genius. You might want to sell products associated with nylon-stringed classic