Mesmerizing Lakes and Exquisite Natural Beauty Adorn the City of Nelson

The sunniest region of New Zealand, Nelson is a beautiful city located at the north-west of the south Island. It is the second oldest city developed in New Zealand, and has a unique reputation of being the house of creative people. Over 350 artists, craftsmen and people of the like stay at this city, and tourists have a field day looking at the traditional, contemporary and Maori arts and crafts, along with buying them as a souvenir. Sunny and vibrant, the city of Nelson also plays host to picturesque golden beaches, rugged mountain landscapes and uncharted forest territories.

The lush forest trails and various mountainous regions have led to Nelson being famous for hiking tours and backpacking. The main attraction for the people looking for adventure and hiking is the national parks located at Nelson. Three National Parks have their roots in Nelson. These are centers for both, adventure tourism and also ecotourism. Along with great trails, there are various intricate and amazing cave systems which are a major source of attraction.

All the National Parks are located within 90 minutes of the city. The famous Abel Tasman National Park houses a beautiful coastline, along with the universally famous and one of New Zealand’s Great Walks, the Abel Tasman Coast Track. The Kahurangi National Park is a diverse landscape, and contains one the Great Walks called the Heaphy Track. Clear watered lakeside walks and awe-inspiring huge mountains at the Nelson Lakes National Park cannot be missed. These parks are ideal for a unique hiking experience, walking or kayaking alike. Also various lodges and top class accommodations for hikers are available here.

One of the most famous aspects of Nelson is the fly fishing culture prevalent