Why You Should Be Using a Neoprene Bikini This Season

Be it a simple neoprene bikini or a full body neoprene swimsuit,Why You Should Be Using a Neoprene Bikini This Season Articles you are going to stumble upon at least nine out of ten individual surfers or swimmers wearing it, and with good enough reason. Today, we break down the reasons as to why the next time you go swimwear shopping, you should get yourself a cute set of neoprene bikini.

One of the main differences between a neoprene bikini or basically any kind of neoprene swimsuit and other swimsuits made out of ordinary fabric is the durability. Neoprene is a kind of rubber that is produced under intense pressure, but also happens to be susceptible to extreme heat. At any rate, a neoprene bikini is at least ten times stronger than your average fabric bikini, which means it not only supports your frame, especially for women with a heavier bust looking for something strong, but it also lasts you for a long period of time, given that you take care of it. Suffice to say, get yourself a racer back neoprene bikini and you will never ever have to worry about a tuck and slip accident or wardrobe malfunction ever again.

Unlike normal bikinis, a neoprene bikini allows you greater ease and freedom of movement. Why, you ask us? Well, for starters, neoprene is hydrophobic, especially the uppermost layer of it. This means that it repels water and at the same time, gives you buoyancy. As a result of this, the neoprene bikini that you wear not only makes you feel lighter, but also gives you that extra push that you need while swimming. Consequently, swimmers who wear neoprene bikinis are faster and more agile since the water basically cuts away from their bodies. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? And since it is waterproof, it also acts as a guard between your skin and the oceanic microorganisms.


But most importantly, the reason that neoprene is so popular and well loved by surfers and swimmers everywhere is because it helps the wearer to stay warm in otherwise cold water. This is because they act as insulators, and once you get into the water, it won’t allow for your core temperature to drop beyond a certain point. You see, when you wear an ordinary bikini, you get cold, and your body needs to utilize extra energy to keep its core temperature steady, and as a result of this, you get tired quickly.

A neoprene bikini is also a lot tougher than your average bikinis and allows for you to do a wide range of tough and vigorous activities that you, otherwise would not be able to do while wearing an ordinary fabric bikini. But most importantly, it is very easy to wash and care for. All you have to do is wash it out with simple room temperature water and let it out in a dry and shady region, and voila! Your neoprene swimsuit is as good as new. However, we suggest that you do not fold it and stuff it in your bag while travelling, because that tends to crease the neoprene fabric for good, and compromises with the structural integrity of the fabric.